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       Huizhou Port Industry Co., Ltd. (Huizhou Port Industry) is located in Tsuen Wan port area of Huizhou Port. It is a port project jointly operated and managed by Hutchison Port Group Co., Ltd. (Hutchison Port) and Huizhou Port Investment Group. Through effective terminal management, flexible policies and innovative technology, we are committed to the development and promotion of Huizhou business environment, so that local enterprises can connect with the international market.

         Tsuen Wan port area is located in the southeast of Guangdong Province. It is located in Daya Bay Economic and Technological Development Zone of Huizhou City in the east of the Pearl River Delta. It is 48 kilometers away from the downtown of Huizhou. It is a unique natural deep-water port in South China, with a vast development area of 420 hectares, which can provide commercial, industrial, financial and logistics development. Huizhou Port Industry will be an important partner with Huizhou commercial development with modern facilities, the adoption of the industry recognized terminal management system and advanced technology of Hutchison Port Group. We are committed to providing comprehensive terminal services to facilitate the operation of Huizhou's bulk cargo, oil and gas and container import and export business.


       Hutchison Port is the port and related service department of CK Hutchison Industrial, and the world's leading port investment, development and operator. The Hutchison Ports Group has operations in 25 countries, operating 51 ports in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America and Australia. With many years of accumulated experience, Hutchison Ports Group's business has now expanded to other logistics and related transportation services around the world, including cruise terminals, airports, distribution centers, railway services and ship maintenance facilities. In 2021, Hutchison Port Group's global container throughput reached 88 million TEUs.





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